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By Anthony Sharman

It is a little unusual to be writing a review so late after the date, especially after a one night affair. My ever critical mind says I should have written this piece the hour after the performance so that I could recall every nuance. But I was with the people involved in the production of “Kiss Me Goodbye”, enjoying a post production party that reflected the quality of the main event.

The Windsor Festival uncovered a gem when they decided to be adventurous and host this vibrant expression of talent.

To be sure the audience was evidently taken aback for the first two scenes of Melanie Gow’s vision, because the fluid format did not demand applause. When the stage opened with the five women of the 4Motion Dance Theatre Company team, dangling their feet into the empty orchestra pit and creating an organic expression of “What’s up”, I was thrilled and enchanted.

The haunting sound of Flavio’s violin and Daniel’s hang gave the dancer’s a superb medium for their style of dance. The “lack” of orchestra was forgotten as the music, played with feeling, hardly stopped all evening.

Enchanted, mystical, ethereal and magical are all words that I would apply to a night I wish I could go back and visit again.

The Rock-star, Eleanore, of Eleanore & The Lost’s enthusiasm and her beautiful voice united with the evocative, still, pictures projected onto the back-drop and the subtle intonations of the light to create a sense of passion and longing that was at the heart of the tale.

The freedom of form of the “voiceless chorus” of dancers, and the hang-violin combination, melded with the rock format into a beautifully balanced piece of theatre.

The various groups and individuals that came together to make this “one-off”, did so on trust and faith that lent energy to the night.

By scene three, the audience had picked up on the excellence of the performance and the applause became a spontaneous outpouring of appreciation for the people on stage.

From beginning to end, it worked because of the people who were putting out a singular vision of beauty. The shades of change in the relationship of the two protagonists is hard to describe, but was so palpable.

Maybe we have all been in a similar situation in our lives and this resonance is what makes “Kiss Me Goodbye” something special. A familiar story laid out beautifully in ever exposing cycles of love lost.

To review the performances of each group that made up the event.

The initial “wow” factor was the combination of the violin and the hang, at times the play between the two made it hard to believe that there wasn’t a third instrument in the wings somewhere – A piano? A flute? Maybe a cello?

4Motion Dance Theatre Company brought a special expression of fluidity and flexibility with their dance movement.

Each person was instrumental in creating part of an organic whole that was the embodiment of sheer poetry. Much of my desire to see the show again would be to watch this group more closely.

Eleanore has a voice that is exceptional. She encapsulated the emotion of A Mid-Summer’s Night in rock. Not an easy feat, but one that the bard might have approved – she sang with insistence and love.

There were unsung heroes. The rock band came across as a backing group where I would have liked to have seen them shine more. Having said that, they produced a perfect musical platform for others to excel. The lighting and backdrop visuals were seamless and completely complementary while the stage-hands were devoted to creating a fantastic evening for us all.

“It was a fantastic evening.”

Kiss Me Goodnight was commissioned by the Windsor Festival

Produced by Glow Productions from an original idea by Melanie Gow

Images by Marek Sikora, of Plenty To Declare

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