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Kiss Me Goodbye is very lucky to have had the support of an “official production” photographer in the inimitable Gill Aspel.

Each artist has their own brand and image which had to be preserved and celebrated, but all of them had to work as a whole to make sense for the concept concert. It was up to Gill to bring them all together and make sense of the broad range of talents. She had to encapsulate the individual brands of a professional busker and a Catalonian violinist to match a rock singer and contemporary dancers.

Gill took the brief and looked at the show as a whole, and she produced a feel to the images that reflect the yearning of the narrative of “unrequited love”.

Even the arches are one of Gill’s images, serendipitously Gill had just returned from a photography trip in Cuba and taken the perfect image of arches, which she very kindly allowed to become the image of Kiss Me Goodbye.

The image of the corridor of arches represent the focus of ambition, that single-minded pursuit of a goal, what we hope to attain, at the end. But at any time we can take a different path, step between the arches to a different future. We have that choice.

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