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Eleanore & The Lost

Eleanore is a charismatic singer and songwriter from Surrey with a phenomenal vocal range of 4 octaves. She can hit the top note on the piano with ease.

Supported by her band, The Lost, who are: David Burt on guitar and piano, Josh Bergson on bass, Alex Torjussen on drums, and Sharon Wells and Emily Niemann on backing vocals.

Eleanore has been commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund charity to compose the theme song for their 50th anniversary celebrations, culminating in a celebrity event in November 2011 at which Eleanore & The Lost will perform it live

4Motion Dance Theatre Company
Specially commissioned for this production a dance performance from 4Motion Dance Theatre Company. 4Motion is inspired by the vision of creating a company that celebrates individuality and gets excited about cross art collaborations. They strive to be original, artistically accessible, and 100% inclusive.

4Motion teaches dance across the age groups and abilities. They produce shows and run a range of workshops. From network jams, an evening of experimental collaboration open to anyone who would like to try something new, to school projects where a subject can be explored through movement and drama.

4Motion works a residency in Cambodia, in partnership with the charity Epic Arts, who facilitate arts projects for people with disabilities, with a clear focus on the philosophy that Every Person Counts (EPiC). 4Motion also work with the Most Mira charity in Bosnia, delivering a youth arts festival, and working with children living in segregated communities.

Daniel Waples, on hang, and Flavio Lopez, on violin
Daniel Waples is a world class player on the extraordinary new instrument the Hang.

Daniel is classically trained, and has played in a wide variety of venues from The Royal Albert Hall to the streets of Goa, he has even played for the Queen of England.

He has performed with everyone from a marching band in England to collaborating with a pianist in Russia, Daniel Waples records, produces and performs all original content with as many individuals and collectives as possible, and has played as far afield as Japan.

The Hang has the sound of a Tibetan Bowl with the notes of a Steel drum, Daniel is able to play the range of a piano keyboard across two Hangs. It is an extraordinary musical instrument in the idiophone class, of two deep drawn steel hemispheres played with the hands only, developed in 2000 in Berne, Switzerland, by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer.

Flavio Lopez is a virtuoso violinist from Barcelona Spain, he played for The National Orchestra of Catalonia before going solo. He has collaborated with 3 other hang players and travelled Europe playing in a wide variety of venues, including a month at Edinburgh Festival 2011.

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With thanks to Gill Aspel for the images. Gill Aspel is the official production photographer, find more about Gill Aspel here

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