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Maybe we have all been in a similar situation in our lives and this resonance is what makes “Kiss Me Goodbye” something special. A familiar story laid out beautifully in ever exposing cycles of love lost.


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A fusion of contemporary dance, busking music and classical violin that brings the street and high society together in an audacious and innovative rock show.

Commissioned by the Windsor Festival

“The Windsor Festival uncovered a gem when they decided to be adventurous and host this vibrant expression of talent.” Anthony Sharman

“A modern take on a classic musical….a unique blend of diversity and talent.” Pete Rann

‎”Outstanding! Fabulous evening had by all 5 of us.” Sue Bond

“It really was inspiring. An amalgamation of music and dance, enchanting, entrancing. A theatre filled with creativity of the highest order.” Dean Feltimo, Photographer

“Better than any female vocalist in rock going back 2 decades..I’m a rocker and it sounded amazing!” Richie Day

“Thank you so much for laying on such a tremendous show on Friday. It really was an amazing mix of creative art and music, and we loved it.” Jonathan Story

“@MelGow It was truly lovely, can’t think of better prose…well done to you and your team. Loved all – but the violinist was sensational.” @aspirinnovelist