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Eleanore, from Eleanore & The Lost, sings her original song The Key from her album Parlour Game, in Kiss Me Goodbye, for the Windsor Festival, at the Theatre Royal Windsor.

Eleanore says of  The Key: it “is the last of the themed songs on the album. I wrote some of the lyrics on the train home from the Edinburgh Festival in 2008 where I had gone with SB Dance to perform asmākam – the quest. While I was there, I discovered that I was capable of more than I thought. I finished the rest of the song when I got home, wanting it to be about self-discovery and maybe even transformation…”

In Kiss Me Goodbye Eleanore sings The Key at the time in the story when the woman realises she deserves more, she is capable of more, more than the love of a man who loves her but does not value her as highly as she values him in her life.

Praise for Eleanore in Kiss Me Goodbye: “Better than any female vocalist in rock going back 2 decades…..I’m a rocker and it sounded amazing!” – Richie Day

Image by Marek Sikora
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The projection image, No Turning Back, is by Gill Aspel of Gill Aspel Photography

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